On-site Management

Alliance Employment Services acquired an extensive experience in personnel service and an innovative approach to staffing challenges. Our On-Site Operations can help alleviate the responsibility of staffing temporary associates--especially when you need to manage numerous departments, divisions or locations. As your primary supplier or "first call" service, Alliance Employment Services can provide you with an On-Site Specialist based on volume, at no additional cost, to centralize and coordinate your staffing needs through:

Alliance on-Call

Our On-Site Specialist will work closely with a Dedicated Account Executive who will be solely responsible for your account. Their coordinated team effort can provide you with the additional advantages of Alliance Employment Services's  networking locations and extensive applicant pool.

Customized Management Reports

Alliance Employment Services' On-Site Operations will be accompanied by a complete work center. Alliance Employment Services can generate comprehensive management reports that can track employment costs and monitor areas of temporary usage. Alliance Employment Services will work with you to customize these reports to your specifications.

Designated Alternate Vendors

Alliance Employment Services recognizes that companies may have established relationships with designated alternate vendors. We can continue to utilize their services as an alternate vendor, guaranteeing an extensive pool of highly skilled candidates.

Quality Assurance Programs

Our On-Site Specialist will participate in continual human resource training programs and will receive constant support and guidance from Alliance Employment Services' Management Team. We will also conduct ongoing reviews to maintain the effectiveness of the  Program and ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality service available. 

Vendor Management Programs

In the event that your large-volume Temporary staffing demands exceed Alliance Employment Services' readily available supply of qualified candidates, we have a vendor community established as part of our staffing plan. 

Alliance Employment Services' goal is to supply highly motivated and trained candidates, no matter where they come from. However, Alliance Employment Services strongly believes that sourcing from multiple vendors should not translate to leaving you with complicated staffing arrangements. Our Vendor Management Programs serves the two-pronged purpose of ensuring you continue to enjoy the convenience and advantages of a single-call solutions provider and maintaining Alliance Employment Services's high Temporary staffing standards. 





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